About Us

About Us

About Saluber MD

SaluberMD is a digital health services company focusing on high-touch, doctor-patient relationships over video. We are active in a number of countries across Europe, North America and Asia.

SaluberMD offers an affordable, convenient solution for patients to manage their health from anywhere, anytime. Our products, ranging from mobile application to smartwatch and supplementary devices, are designed specifically to service patients remotely. With the evolution of technology, the dream of better health outcomes is now within reach.

SaluberMD Thailand

SaluberMD Thailand is a company established in Thailand to conduct a digital health services business in Thailand under the brand SaluberMD

Our Name
Saluber means healthy in Latin.

Founding Principles

To keep the patient at the center of everything we do

To promote a unified approach to health, wellness and disease management, accessible via mobile devices and desktop

To be a purpose-driven organization

Doctors trained by SaluberMD will provide an experience that is almost as good as in person

To build a truly global organization with access to care anywhere, anytime